Narayan Prusty is a professional any tech geek would aspire to be. He is the founder of BlockCluster and holds expertise in Blockchain development, DevOps, JavaScript, and Serverless. His knowledge and dedication have enabled him to build top-to-bottom scalable applications for start-ups, government, and businesses across geographies.

He is socially aware and hence using his expertise build applications, taking efforts to offer solutions using blockchain technology.

Blocklogy is an eLearning mobile App brought by KMPARDS, which focuses on educating and enlightening students on the subject of the blockchain. The world is marching towards the full-throttle use of blockchain technology and the future generation has to be aware of its importance and use. Blocklogy offers a way to do it by providing world-class courses on blockchain to its students.

The app has an interactive framework which will allow students to implement their learning about blockchain and its development through blocklogy App. Blocklogy will offer different courses on blockchain for every level such as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert, along with add-on features.

The Significance of Mr. Narayan Prusty on Blocklogy
Knowing the motto of blocklogy and its efforts to equip students with all the blockchain related knowledge, this association between the Blocklogy and Narayan Prusty would turn out to be hugely rewarding for the students of the app.

His knowledge and skills will be leveraged over time on Blocklogy to spread learning about this next gen technology Blockchain. Blocklogy is making sure that the future generation does not run out of required skills and opportunities too and the course content also gets updated as per standards and futuristic approach.

Getting Narayan Prusty on Blocklogy will benefit the academic fraternity the most by offering them the exclusively crafted blockchain learning content. The app will be launched soon. Meanwhile, you can go through this link and know more about the app.

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