The blockchain is one of the most trending and appealing topics in the world. Many experts and amateurs are talking about the future of blockchain and how it could change the way we do the business and transactions in today’s world.

This new concept has grabbed hold of many creative minds, and these minds are spreading blockchain technology to each possible industry. Era Swap powered by KMPARDS has introduced a blockchain powered platform for schools, where blockchain education and learning can be made easier, cheaper, hassle-free and future-oriented.

Students Getting Attracted To Digital assets and Blockchain
Gone are the days when parents use to worry about their children’s future. Nowadays, children are so smart that they know what a future is going to serve them. These children have huge resources at their disposal, their reach is global and hence, they are able to absorb new things and predict the future too.

Here, the education system has to offer them with something which would help them in their future. Just like the present era is all about digital revolution, the future is sparkling with the blockchain technology and its decentralized structure of working. In such a scenario, if you do not equip your children/students with all the necessary knowledge on blockchain and digital assets, you are pushing them into the abyss, where they would struggle for a few more years than contemporaries.

Why Pursue Courses on Blockchain?
Many esteemed business schools and online course platforms are already in the race to provide courses on blockchain; their targets are high school and college students. Not just that, even students are now demanding a course on the blockchain technology. Students are now assured that if they acquire knowledge in digital assets and blockchain, they can not stay unemployed, even if they wish to.

A recent study by digital currency exchange reveals that University students are very much interested in digital assets and blockchain technology. The study examined 675 U.S. students, and, out of them, 26 percent said they’re interested in a blockchain-related course. The survey studied 50 universities in the US and the rest of the world, and they found out that around 42 percent of universities are offering courses related to blockchain technology.

These stats are reflecting the present mindset of student and the future too. So, let us see how our children/students can be a part of this.

So, here arrives an eLearning app on Blockchain by Era Swap under the aegis of KMPARDS – ‘Blocklogy’

Anyone, who wants to learn blockchain and explore it more for a rewarding career ahead, can go for these courses on Blocklogy App. These courses are popular among students. Once these courses are completed, you know technical knowhow of blockchain, and will implement blockchain in to action.

KMPARDS, the seeding organization behind Era Swap has built ‘Blocklogy’, blockchain powered mobile application where students would be offered with the basic, intermediate and advanced courses on blockchain and digital assets. These courses are available at very affordable fees ($1 per student per class) than the other courses in the market.

Each student, no matter what his/her qualification is, can appear for the basic courses first and then pave his/her way to the advanced courses. Having a course offered with the blockchain created certificate itself would be an added advantage to Era Swap students.

The students will learn the key aspects of blockchain and digital assets including-
1. Complete understanding of blockchain.
2. Why cryptocurrencies?
3. What are wallets and how we use them?
4. Deploying and debugging smart contracts using Solidity (Programming Language).
5. Understanding tokens, building and deploying it to test network.
6. IOT blockchain experiment using Raspberry Pi and much more…

All you have to do is, download ‘Blocklogy’ from your Google Play Store once it’s live and you would know all you need to know about the courses, the test and the certificate you are eager to have with you. Learn blockchain today with ‘Blocklogy’ for a rewarding career tomorrow. Don’t wait, just act.

Go ahead and give yourself a better career opportunity by being a part of the future. For more details visit or our Youtube channel