Blockchain Technology is one of the most promising and disruptive technology of this era. Most people are comparing it to the dawn of the dot-com era which revolutionized businesses and how they operate. Internet was used to exchange information. With the introduction of Blockchain, exchange of value is possible with cryptographic security, transparency and immutability.

Industry experts are certain that Blockchain Technology will have a much bigger impact which will disrupt most of the industries in the near future. Let’s briefly understand what Blockchain Technology is?

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public ledger that stores and verify each and every transaction in a peer-to-peer cryptographic network. Blockchain technology is not only expected to transform the future of banking but most of the industry where data is important.

Why Blockchain Education is important?

As the Blockchain Technology is still in its nascent stage there is a huge scope of development and progress in this field. There is a pronounced shortage of developers qualified in building decentralized, scalable blockchain systems and applications. This demand is going to rise exponentially in future. The question is how we make our future generation ready to adopt this new technology.

The only way to make our future generation ready to adapt to the latest technologies is to introduce them with the technology at an early stage so that if they find it interesting, they can pursue further and build a strong career in the field.

Currently, a lot of firms operating in their distinct industries are looking for skilled blockchain developers and experts, who can contribute to their current vows related to blockchain project development. The online job portals are also seeing a scarcity of blockchain developers. Thus, students must learn and gain experience related to blockchain to find better job opportunities in the near future.

Some Noteworthy facts about Blockchain Technology


The global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 1.2 billion in 2018 to USD 23.3 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 80.2% during 2018–2023.


Government of Venezuela issued their own cryptocurrency by the name of Petro.


The Japanese city of Tsukuba, north of Tokyo, has recently tested a voting system based on blockchain technology.


Accenture analysts found that by implementing blockchain, the world banking sector could save up to $20 billion by 2022.


What will be the impact of blockchain education?

The industry is growing at a tremendous pace and impact of Blockchain can be huge. Therefore we need more skilled experts in this technology to further enhance, improve and refine the technology. Blockchain can be applied in different sectors and with the growing number of experts joining the field will lead to the overall growth of this technology.

Blockchain education will result in more skilled blockchain experts and therefore, a directly proportional refinement of the technology. Decentralized ledger technologies are still in their early years of development and this means that there is still a lot to do and a lot of improvements to be made.

There are also the secondary advantages of blockchain education such as the creation of jobs. As there is a shortage of blockchain developers and as such, blockchain development and cryptography courses will help cater to the demand while creating jobs and thus improving the livelihoods of those who secure such jobs.

The advancements in decentralized ledger technologies as a result of blockchain education might be astronomical in the sense that more technological capabilities could be unlocked. One of the biggest selling points of decentralized ledger technology is superior levels of security since it is claimed that blockchain is virtually un-hackable. This means that future technology systems will most likely be more robust and malicious hacks could become a thing of the past.

How can Blocklogy help?

Blocklogy is a mobile-based global e-learning platform that aims to educate and provide valuable knowledge to the students about the most emerging and disruptive technologies of the 21st century that is blockchain and IOT.  KMPARDS team developed Blocklogy mobile app while its promotion and launch responsibility have been handled by Blocklogy Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Talking about Blocklogy and what it brings to the table for students is the availability of a vast array of blockchain topics and their application, which are also regularly updated in its easy-to-use mobile application platform.

Using the Blocklogy mobile app, tablet and Raspberry Pi kit, budding students from all age groups can enrich both their practical and theoretical knowledge about emerging technology like blockchain in an easy and interactive manner. Students, starting from 8th grade up to graduation level can learn and sharpen their skills related to usage of blockchain techniques, which will also help them in finding better career prospects and becoming a competent professional in the blockchain industry in future.

The distinctive features of Blocklogy that set it apart from other blockchain learning platforms include a self-paced learning environment for blockchain geeks, user-friendly interface, chat forums & discussion, assessments, reward facility, live tutors sessions, school connectivity, rating facility, Wallet, games, blockchain created certification, level based learning progression and much more. Blocklogy also offers three distinct blockchain course modules where each module consists of different levels from white belt to ninja belt.

Considering such efforts towards streamlining blockchain into mainstream education, Blocklogy is an initiative to provide affordable education to all on next gen technologies.

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